Wednesday, July 2, 2008

reality shows

why do we watch reality shows .Your either a lover or a hater of them. I watch because i'm facinated by the things people will do . They can teach you how to stab someone in the back with one hand while their shaking the other hand. It's a real art. Morals and values fly out the window, if they were ever there at all.Should we take them seriously or look at them as entertainment. Should we let our children watch. Then again, should we let them watch t.v. anytime.I don't have any answers. just lots of questions.what do you think. My children are all grown up. we let them watch whatever they wanted and we encourage them to tell us their opinions of what they watched.They never had the same views about anything which led to very interesting familydecusions that would last for hours. I think that was just as important as having a family night becuase we really got to know are kids. Anyway, that's my soapbox thoughts for today. When a have another thought I will write about it . That may be tomorrow ,next week, next year or never. So until then tata ya'll.

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